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Five years after a devastating car accident, the parents of Rebekah Heim wrote this heartfelt thank you letter to Dr. Monacci for his role in her recovery.

Dear Dr. Monacci,

We want to thank you for the vital role you played in helping our daughter, Rebekah, recuperate. It will be five years ago this January 28th that Bekah (then 18) lost control of her car on black ice, struck a tree on the driver’s side, and suffered brain contusions, facial lacerations, and other injuries. Your initial diagnosis could not offer much hope: inpatient rehab for several weeks, no high-school graduation, and college was out of the question.

You may remember, that following five days in a mostly-comatose state, on the sixth day, Bekah responded miraculously to much prayer on our behalf. After nine day’s stay in the hospital, she came home well ahead of schedule and eventually missed only three weeks of school. She graduated with honors and went on to Eastern University.

Regrettably, almost one year to the day after the first accident, Bekah once again lost control on an icy road, this time striking a pole on the driver’s side. While the car was destroyed, Bekah’s physical consequences were far less sever – no concussion, just a few scratches and a black eye. However, two months following the second accident, she manifested serious signs of post traumatic stress disorder. Despite many restless nights for us and Bekah, she graduated magna cum laude a full semester early, with a double degree in Spanish and Education.

We want to thank you for the vital role you played in helping our daughter, Rebekah, recuperate.

As a graduate student, Bekah completed her student teaching at Hempfield High School last Spring at the same time holding nearly full-time status as a server at Annie Bailey’s. This past September, Bekah flew to Ecuador to begin a one-year stint as one of Calvary Church’s global partners. She teaches English, leads Bible studies, and works to perfect her Spanish with the goal of long-term global missions in mind. Her testimony about her accident has led to numerous subsequent conversations. People see her scars, they ask questions, and Bekah assures them,”these scars mark me has HIS!” Bekah spent this past Christmas in the midst of the Amazon Jungle, learning the customs of the same people-group and tribe that martyred Jim Elliott, Nate Saint and three other missionaries 58 year ago this January 8th. Bekah will return to Lancaster late this summer to complete Calvary Church’s 2-to-3 year global partner training program.

Despite both accidents, there has been no change in her mental or intellectual capacity, physically she is strong from doing Crossfit, and spiritually she is growing and maturing. No, she is not “perfect”, but she remains the same ole’ Bekah, possessing the same “scrappy kitty” attitude that helped her fight through the consequences of her accidents.

Once again, we want to thank you profusely for your role in Bekah’s road to recovery. You witness people at some of their worst moments in life, and your job requires you to do your best through this highly emotional season. We wanted to lend contrast to those stressful memories with a much more current and positive image! We so appreciate what you have done and what you continue to do, and for doing it day after day after day, week after week and year after year! We understand that many who served our military have benefited greatly from your expertise. We believe God called you to your profession for higher reasons we sometimes can’t see. In Bekah’s case, He carefully selected and placed you and every other doctor and medical professional that evening and in subsequent days. We wanted to affirm that you’re doing a great job and express our heartfelt appreciation for your role in caring for our daughter, Rebekah. Without you, she wouldn’t look like this today or be able to do what she is going in other cultures and on other continents.

Thank you again for your skill and concern, and keep on keeping on!

Bob & Tami Heim

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