Posted by NeuroScience & Spine Associates on February 21, 2013
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Being a Nurse at Lancaster General Hospital can be demanding, and having excruciating back pain can make it near impossible. Darryle Townsley of Quarryville began experiencing back pain in the middle of 2011 and by early 2012 the pain was radiating through her groin and down her legs. She decided to seek the advice of Neurosurgeon, Dr. William Monacci.

Dr. Monacci recommended non-surgical treatment and referred Darryle to one of his partners, Physiatrist Dr. Elliot Sterenfeld. Dr. Sterenfeld performed two epidural injections both providing significant relief.

A few months later while getting ready for work Darryle felt something ‘pop’ in her back and the pain was unbearable. She returned to NeuroScience & Spine Associates and Dr. Monacci performed a Lumbar Fusion to repair a degenerative disc.

Immediately following surgery the pain in Darryle‘s back, groin and legs had completely dissipated. Post-operative Physical Therapy has helped Darryle regain strength in her back and she returned to work pain free. She is excited to be able to stand, sit and walk without pain, simple things that people take for granted every day.

From the office staff to the nurses to Dr. Monacci and the surgical staff everybody was wonderful. If not for Dr. Monacci’s secretary I would’ve waited 45 days for my insurance to approve the procedure – I am so thankful for NeuroScience & Spine Associates.

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