Posted by NeuroScience & Spine Associates on October 3, 2012
Dr. Monacci Patient Mark Spiridigliozzi

I truly felt that I was in the best hands in the country. – Mark Spiridigliozzi

It started with pain in my shoulder. I was waking up through the night, the strength in my arm was going and the weakness got worse. I felt it had to be something in my back. Dr. Bill Monacci diagnosed osteoarthritis in my spine that was causing bone-to-bone impingement. He guided me through available non-surgical alternatives and when they didn’t solve the pain, he was extremely thorough in making me aware of all the risks and consequences. A year ago I chose to have surgery, which included a spinal fusion and lumbar laminectomy. I’ve had other surgeries, and this was the best experience ever. I truthfully felt that I was in the best hands in the country. I sleep through the night now. I can hook up our motor home and take it out again. My wife, Linda said, “It’s great to have the old Mark back again.” She is elated. Given it all to do again, I would do it sooner.

Learn how his Spinal Surgery gave him a new lease on life:

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