Posted by NeuroScience & Spine Associates on January 9, 2012

“For two years I was having pain and it was only getting worse. As a bus driver, I expect some back discomfort, but when it stopped me in my tracks I knew something was wrong. I had to cancel a visit from my sons and grandchildren due to the pain. When medication, therapy or injections didn’t help me, my family doctor referred me to Dr. Chris Kager, who explained everything with great care and detail. Bone fragments were pressing the nerves in the middle of my spinal cord and that was causing my back, leg and foot pain.

I feel wonderful! Each day is better and better!

He performed a lumbar laminectomy in the practice’s NeuroSpine Center and I was glad to go back to work within a month. Everything is fine now. My husband, Gary and I are walking again. I’m able to do the things I’ve wanted to do for six months, like cleaning out cabinets, painting, and working in the garden. It’s great to be looking forward to simple pleasures again!”

– Sylvia Kauffman

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