Posted by NeuroScience & Spine Associates on April 20, 2017

The physical therapist will examine, evaluate and treat patients and/or clients referred to the physical therapy by physicians (MD, DO) and Advanced Practitioners (PA, NP). The majority of patients or clients evaluated and treated at NeuroScience & Spine Associates (NeuroScience & Spine Associates) will have musculoskeletal injuries or dysfunction, primarily conditions of the spine. However, patients with other injuries or dysfunctions of the neuromuscular, cardiovascular/pulmonary or integumentary systems may also be evaluated and treated.

Qualifications / Requisites:

  1. Graduate of an accredited physical therapy program (BS, MPT, MSPT or DPT degree)
  2. Possess a current Pennsylvania license as a physical therapist or be eligible for licensure in Pennsylvania as set forth by the Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Act 38.


  1. To perform a comprehensive examination and evaluation (including diagnosis, prognosis and plan of care) of the referred patient or client.
  2. To design an appropriate intervention and treatment plan addressing physical limitations, clinical problems and rehabilitation needs of patient or client.
  3. To perform periodic reassessment(s) of patient or client progress.
  4. To discharge the patient or client when they achieved the optimal level of benefit from physical therapy. If their physical condition is not improving or worsening, the physical therapist will immediately contact the referring physician for further action.
  5. To maintain appropriate documentation including the patient’s or client’s clinical history, current status, treatment plan, progress, discharge status, education of patient, family or significant other, and communication with the patient’s or client’s referring physician, case manager, 3rd party payers, etc…
  6. To maintain appropriate ongoing communication with the referring physician via telephone, email, progress reports, etc. as to the patient’s or client’s progress or decline in status. Also, the physical therapist will communicate with the patients’ family, significant other or caregiver as the situation dictates.