Posted by NeuroScience & Spine Associates on January 25, 2013
Dr. Kager Patient Testimonial

Lisa K., a Nurse at Lancaster General Hospital and avid field hockey player, did what many athletes do throughout their collegiate athletic careers – she played through the pain. Her back pain started in 2004 during her freshman year at college and continued to worsen year after year. Her frequent trips to Physical Therapy did little to manage the pain, but as any athlete would tell you, the pain wasn’t going to keep her off the field.

I am now pain free and excited to be back to work and back to coaching my field hockey teams!

By the time Lisa began her nursing career in 2008 the back pain had become severe and was accompanied by shooting pain down her legs. After a trip to an Orthopedic Doctor and a CAT Scan, revealing disc herniation and bulging, Lisa was referred to NeuroScience & Spine Associates’ Dr. Christopher Kager. Since surgery is always a last resort Lisa began with Physical Therapy and eventually received steroid injections from NeuroScience & Spine Associates Physiatrist Dr. Elliot Sterenfeld. Lisa’s back pain quickly decreased and for nearly 3 years life was back to normal.

It wasn’t until August of 2012 that Lisa would once again seek the advice of Dr. Kager. While playing racquetball Lisa aggravated her back and the pain quickly intensified. Simple day-to-day tasks became unbearably painful and it was time to revisit NeuroScience & Spine Associates. An MRI revealed that the aforementioned herniation had increased and was now accompanied by worsening nerve pain. It was at this time that the decision for surgery was made. Within two weeks of this consultation Lisa went under the knife of Dr. Kager for a Lumbar Discectomy to repair the herniated discs.

Just two weeks post-op Lisa was off all pain medication and quickly getting back into the swing of things. Her pain is now completely gone and she is excited to be back to work and coaching her field hockey teams. As an avid field hockey player, gym enthusiast and all-around active person Lisa’s surgery was life-changing!

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