Patient Stories

For Bill Lease, bowling is more than a casual pastime. It’s his passion. So when back pain started to keep Bill from bowling and doing his daily activities, he turned to NeuroScience & Spine Associates for help.

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For several years, Roxann had gotten “shorter” due to increasing back pain—pain that severely impacted her ability to stand up straight and engage in the activities she enjoys. Things got to the point where she spent most of her day in bed due to pain.

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Since the age of 24 Barry Garner suffered from leg pain and numbness. The simple task of walking became more and more difficult over time forcing Barry to take frequent breaks to sit down and relieve the debilitating pain. The pain inched down his leg and even caused numbness in his foot...

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Volunteer EMT & Skilled Nurse Janice has dedicated her life to helping others. Her love of helping others meant she didn’t always take the time to practice proper lifting mechanics, which many times left her driving home in tears from the severe back pain she was suffering from...

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Dr. Monacci Patient Stacy

Warehouse manager and mother of three active boys Stacy had been active her entire life. She was in good shape and lifting items of all sizes and weights was typical in her work day. One day, as she went to pick up a large, broken wooden wagon, something went wrong. Her body seized and she was left with shooting pains down her legs and was unable to lower her arms past her stomach.

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Monacci Patient Testimonial Image

Five years after a devastating car accident, the parents of Rebekah Heim wrote this heartfelt thank you letter to Dr. Monacci for his role in her recovery...

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Dr. Kager Patient Testimonial

Since the age of 12 Kim Grunden has been dealing with chronic back pain. It was simply a part of life that she had learned to deal with. After the birth of her daughter it wasn’t something she could deal with anymore. The combination of sitting on the floor, bending over and lifting a young child made the pain unbearable...

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