The Penn Medicine Neurosurgery Network

What is the Penn Medicine Neurosurgery Network
The Penn Medicine Neurosurgery Network exists to expand the unparalleled level of care that Lancaster NeuroScience & Spine Associates offers to its patients. This partnership allows us to provide patients with streamlined access to specialized treatment and advanced care at Penn Neurosurgery, if needed.

Why does LNSA need a partnership with Penn Medicine?
Penn Medicine has one of the top neurosurgical programs in the US and utilizing Penn Neurosurgery as a resource for LNSA neurosurgeons is invaluable. While our neurosurgical team is highly-skilled and highly-trained, there are rare cases that it is beneficial to our practice and to our patients to consult with Penn Neurosurgery. Our goal is to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care in all situations.

How often will LNSA refer to Penn Medicine?
The majority of our patients will receive care at Lancaster NeuroScience & Spine Associates. However, in select cases when more advanced care is required, we will refer patients to Penn Neurosurgery. Our partnership with Penn Neurosurgery will only improve upon the care provided to our patients.

Penn Medicine Neurosurgery Network