Posted by NeuroScience & Spine Associates on February 10, 2016

Since the age of 24 Barry Garner suffered from leg pain and numbness. The simple task of walking became more and more difficult over time forcing Barry to take frequent breaks to sit down and relieve the debilitating pain. The pain inched down his leg and even caused numbness in his foot, making it impossible to function normally.

Over the years Barry tried a wide variety of treatments including anti-inflammatory narcotics mixed with steroids, physical therapy and even chiropractic services; all to no avail. While he was granted some minor pain relief, it was not the long term solution that he was seeking to get back to living life again.

Enter Neurosurgeon William Monacci.

After a referral from a surgeon who was not willing to perform a procedure due to severe bone growth surrounding the nerve, Dr. Monacci and his Physician Assistant Matt Miller performed a spinal fusion with spectacular results. The surgery was a success and within a few months Barry was pain free and back to living his life again.

Just 3 months and 11 days post-op he completed the Hands on House Half Marathon! Less than a year post-op he is participating in a full marathon 100% pain free. Needless to say, he’s feeling like himself again!

While surgery is certainly not the first option, in Barry’s case it was the only option left and it provided the relief he needed.

When you get out of surgery it will hurt, but don’t despair, the pain will stop, you have to decide if it will stop you. Get up!

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