Posted by NeuroScience & Spine Associates on July 28, 2015
Dr. Monacci Patient Stacy

Warehouse manager and mother of three active boys Stacy had been active her entire life. She was in good shape and lifting items of all sizes and weights was typical in her work day. One day, as she went to pick up a large, broken wooden wagon, something went wrong. Her body seized and she was left with shooting pains down her legs and was unable to lower her arms past her stomach.

Over the next few days the pain continued to worsen and she sought out help. It was a long and painful path to reach Dr. Monacci at Lancaster NeuroScience and Spine Associates. Multiple trips to the ER, incorrect diagnosis, morphine shots, prednisone, vicodin, tramadol, physical therapy, orthopedic treatment and epidural injections all provided little or no relief.

Eventually Stacy was referred to Lancaster NeuroScience and Spine Associates where she requested Neurosurgeon William Monacci ( based on the testimonials of three friends who had previously had successful surgeries ) and his Physician Assistant Matthew Miller. After a thorough examination she underwent surgery and had a laminectomy of the L5S1.

It didn’t take Stacy long to realize that this was the right decision. Stacy describes her feeling after surgery:

After surgery, in all seriousness, the part of my body that hurt the most was my throat (from the breathing tube)…I felt like a new person. The excruciating pain that plagued me for three months was finally gone!

As a mother of three boys the pain she was suffering from was significantly decreasing the quality of her life. She wasn’t able to hold, or even hug her sons, she wasn’t able to work, and it was painful to even walk! Two weeks post-op Stacy was cleared to return to work (on “light duty”) and she is back to living her life again, pain free!

Dr. Monacci, Matt Miller and their team were my Godsend. I truly believe that. They were the instruments He used to heal me!

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